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There is no law governing at what age it is legal for a young person to babysit. As a parent you must decide whether someone is old enough to babysit for your children.
Before contacting a babysitter or a childcarer on Mindme.ie you must know what your requirements are. Do you need someone on an occasional or regular basis, what age group you are comfortable with, and are there other duties aside from looking after the children that you may wish the babysitter / child carer to perform? Your choice of babysitter / child carer should be based upon a number of factors, most importantly knowledge of your own children and knowledge of the babysitter/ child carers abilities. Once you have decided on and contacted a child carer, get to know the person before offering a job. You should arrange a meeting so that you can get to know them and they can get to know you and your children. Use this opportunity to ask as many questions as you can so that you have all the information to decide if the child carer is right for you and your family.
It is your responsibility to engage someone that is responsible, trustworthy and reliable and who will put the welfare and safety of your children before anything else.


An interview should focus on the person's experience and childcare skills and any special training they may have. Obtain basic information from the babysitter / child carer such as full name, address and telephone number, and at least two references that you can contact. It is also prudent to ask if they have been Garda vetted. During the meeting the goal is to spark a conversation that will be useful to you both, rather than a barrage of questions. Focus on what is important to you. Make sure that you discuss any specific tasks that you would like your child carer to perform, and any special needs that your children may have.

Childminding from Mindme.ie

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What type of experience do you have with other children? If so, what ages were they and how long/over what period did you care for them?
Have you any childcare or first aid training?
What kind of interests or hobbies do you have, and do you have any other jobs?
What do you like best about childcare / babysitting and being with kids, and what do you like least?
What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with children?
Do you know what to do in an emergency?
What were the difficulties, if any, you have encountered while providing childcare / babysitting?
How did you handle these?
How much do you charge and what hours are you available?
Do you have any questions for me?

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Childcare /Babysitter rates are usually paid by the hour. Find out what other parents in your area are paying and ask the child carer / babysitter what rates they charge. You can start off by asking how much he/she charges or by indicating how much you are willing to pay. More experienced child carers will receive higher rates. Childcare providers and Babysitters with special qualifications or training may also receive higher rates. Also consider the responsibilities the job includes, how many children need to be looked after and what age is the child/children.

Childminding from Mindme.ie


Always get to know your childcare provider before offering a job.
Give the childcare provider / babysitter all the information that they need to do the job well and responsibly.
Agree payment and hours in advance.
Pay the childcare provider / babysitter in full at the agreed time.
Cancel the childcare provider / babysitter well in advance if your child is unwell or your arrangements have changed. If a child has been unwell recently, tell the childcare provider / babysitter.
Tell the childcare provider / babysitter what time you are expected home, and contact your childcare provider / babysitter if you are going to be later than the time arranged.
Leave written instructions about any medication needed for your child.
Make sure that the childcare provider / babysitter knows what rooms the children are sleeping in.
Give clear instruction on bedtime routines and household rules.
Give your childcare provider / babysitter your contact number and address if possible where you will be contactable during the evening.
Leave contact and telephone emergency numbers, and the name and address of the children’s doctor.
Show the childcare provider / babysitter any fire exit, the location of the fire extinguisher and smoke alarms.
Make sure that the childcare provider / babysitter gets home safely.

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