Finding the right Nanny / Childcarer

I believe you need to see approximately five or six nannies to find the right one to get to your short list, you should spend time filtering out candidates on the telephone so you see only the strongest candidates.


This should be between you (and your partner) and the candidate. Keep the children out of the interview at this stage. You can see how the candidates interact with your children as a later stage.

Make sure your perspective nanny is relaxed – nannies can be shy and won’t show you their best side if they are nervous. Offering the Nanny a glass of water, tea or Coffee and asking general questions is the best way to get them to relax.


The interview should have a structure:


• Inform the nanny about the position and about your children. Discuss what the role entails (hours, salary, start date, duties, routines, holidays etc)


• Ask the nanny to tell you why she went into childcare and then go through her CV in detail, asking her to describe each childcare position and any qualifications that she has taken. Also ask her why she left each job


• Run through a list of questions relating to the nanny’s abilities as a childcarer (what activities she would plan for your children? what books does she feel are appropriate for their age?); her views on discipline, how does she introduce good manners?); her cooking skills (what meals would she prepare for the children?); first aid questions and questions relating to her own background.

• Stop talking! It is so easy to fill in any gaps in conversation yourself but it is really best to see how they open up and let them do the majority of the speaking.

• Decide beforehand what questions your partner will ask.


Call Back:

• Once you have seen a number of childcarers, you hopefully will want to invite some of them back to meet your children and see how they interact. Before you do that, you should check their references.


Hopefully you will have found your ideal childcarer, and so then you need to offer her the job, draw up a contract, discuss when she is going to start,

The above processes should lead you to successfully employing your own c

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