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Patricia S. Like

Stewart House, Parnell Sreet, Dublin 1, Irlanda Dublin





6 Years


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Last Login: December 12th

Member since: 23/11/2017

Gender: Female


Has own transportation

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Native Language: Portuguese

Edu Level : NA

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Hi, My name is Patrícia Mengaldo Savoy, I'm from Brazil but I also a holder of an Italian citizenship. I am thirty one years old. I´m honest, flexible, an easy going person, outgoing, responsible, loving, organized, attentive, helpful, clean, funny, calm, talkative and creative. I’m an optimistic person and I try to see the positive side of every situation. I am very kind and I like to treat people with respect and consideration. I am very communicative person and I can make friends easily, and I’ve been friends of some people for more than 20 years and I think this is very important. I have brazilians driver´s license, and I´ve been driving for thirteen years, and I´ve been drive in streets city, interstates and highways. I have experience in drive with kids. I´ve never had a car accident and not even a fine. I just love driving. And now, I already have the US drive’s license. So I’m willing to drive in the US. I’m really a good driver. I have major degree as Nursing. So I’m a nurse, but I have never worked in the area, only during college. I have the knowledge and experience that I got on college. And when I lived in USA I was a nanny whit nurse skills, the baby had heart disease so I was there using my experience and knowledge from my nurse school, and not just as a nanny. I have a boyfriend, Luis Rizzo, we are together for almost 4 year, who is living here in Ireland with me. He is Brazilian and Italian as well. His a very good person, responsible and also love kids so very much. He is a electrician, and is very good with any house and gardening maintenance and security system. Now he is working here in Dublin as a Kitchen Porter until he improves his English. More information about me: Can you swim? Yes If yes, how well? Intermediate What is your religious affiliation? Christian What is your level of participation? Never Do you smoke? No Do you follow a special diet? No special diet, I just try to eat health foods. If yes, please describe I don't have a special diet but I don't appreciate any kind of sea food. Are you willing to live in a household with Dog. Native Language Portuguese Do you play sports? Yes If yes, what sport(s)? I go to gym at the least three times per week. Do you play any winter sports? No Do you enjoy making art and craft projects? Yes If yes, what types of projects? Ceramic and mosaic arts crafts Please tell us about your other hobbies and interests: I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, watch movies, tv shows and listen to music. I sometimes practice sports, I’m a tap dancer and I’m a beginner drum and guitar student. I like go out and watch my musician friends play, surf on the internet, go to the movie theater and theater read meet friend at home, staying with family and boyfriend events such as barbecues, travel, swim, take a walk, photograph, some crafts and play musical instrument. Do you suffer from any chronic or recurring health problems, for example asthma, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, or cold sores? Yes If Yes, give details. I have controlled asthma and allergies. Do you take any medications? Yes If Yes, give details. I take dally a medicine to controll my asthma (Alenia [formoterol/budesonide and albuterol]) and my hypothyroidism (synthroid). My doctors prescribed me medicines for my treatment. Have you been hospitalized or in the care of a doctor in the last 12 months? No Have you ever suffered from or received counseling or treatment for a nervous or emotional problem, for example depression or an eating disorder? No Have you ever been the victim of sexual, emotional, or physical abuse? No Do you have any food allergies? Yes If Yes, give details. Walnuts Do you suffer from any allergies to pets? If yes, please indicate. Cat Describe any allergies to pets. I have allergies a furry cats. Please describe your experience with household duties (cooking, cleaning, etc.): My experience with household duties are: Do the beds, do a light cleaning, load the dishwasher, do the laundry (folding and putting away), straight things up and I am able do to a light cooking. I will follow a recipe if necessary. Like Hot Dog, mac&cheese, hamburgers, rice, beans, pasta, meatballs, salad, cake and others. My experience with kids it’s been long time. I always like children and they often like me, so I used to help in caring of my cousins since I was young. I like them because they are sincere and they live in a happy way. In this experiences I fed then, help with their bath, watched movies, played with then and stay overnight with the babysitting. Sometimes, they came to my house and we created new things in the kitchen. My cousin Giulia, 17 years old, loves to make cakes. Later, my contact with children was very intense during my nursing school. During my graduate, the sector that I liked most was the Pediatrics, but I also stage in two different kindergartens, in obstetrics sector and others sectors, there I used to do the newborn first bath, teach the moms fed their child, supervise, medications, changing diapers, cleaning the umbilical stump, physical examination, curative, exams, and all obligations of a nurse. Before I came here, I sometimes used to help take care of my friend´s son. He is two and a half years old and I have been helping since he was born, he loves me and we used to be together almost every week when I was in Brazil. Remembering that I helped care of my cousins, also my cousin Sofia since she was born too which now is 5 year old. I really thank God for all the kids in my life, all the little friends and my own family, they make my life more especial than ever. And I was an Au Pair here in US per 5 months. As an Au Pair my duties were: wake the girls, change clothes and diapers, feed them, drop and pick them up to the school, prepare dinner, play, bath, put them to bed and supervise them until parents get home, organize the toys after they play, and clean the place they ate. Sometimes supervising nap time, go hiking in the street, play day, go to the doctor, ballet, medication. I used to do the girls laundry twice a week, change and wash the sheets every two weeks and I was responsible for the girls dishes. After Au Pair, I was a nanny with nursing assistant for a baby (1 week until 8 month old) with special needs (health problems) at the client's home [I was her nanny and nurse, 6 days a week surrounding 16 hours a day. Was responsible for all activities with the baby, like all care, personal development, health care, bath, food, sleep, walks at the park, give so very much love, laundry and light cleaning related to her. And When I lived in Italy, before come to Ireland, I was a caregiver of children, 6 days a week per 4/5 hours a day. Responsible for educational and playful activities, hygiene, snacks, pool and primary needs at the customer's domicile. My ideal job situation would be as a nanny or companion. I am able to do a light cooking and all the activity that related to the child care. I am able to drive (I don’t have my own car) and also I am a nurse. I’m flexible person and I’m always available to talk and solve any problem or situation, I’m able to negotiated everything. I am willing to learn new things. This first 6 months here in Ireland I'm going to school, in center Dublin, because I would like to improve myself and get a high score in IELTS test, but as an Italian the school period is flexible for me. I hope the letter could tell you who I am and if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

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